Tuesday, April 1, 2014

the london dairies. the lake harrriet of england.

After an exhilarating & eye-opening day of training at House of Colour England, I headed out on my late afternoon walk and discovered my own 'Lake Harriet'.  Daughter Abby in Minneapolis lives just blocks from the scenic Lake Harriet where Minnesotans trek the perimeter of the lake around the calendar.  Today I discovered the English version, actually called the Ricksmanworth Aquadome Nature Preserve.  I almost hyperventilated a dozen times for the swans, the sunset glow on the lake, the sweet smell of spring in the air, daffodils popping up among the foliage... AND...

... pussy-willows just bursting out from their cocoon leaves.  The soft fur wasn't even dried. It was like a pussy-willow birth.  It was thrilling. Hope you enjoy the photos.

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