Thursday, April 10, 2014

the london diaries. downton's church.

I just had to include some photographs of the church yard and interior of St. Michael & All Angels Church, better known to the world as the church on Downton Abbey... This was where we watched Mary walk down the aisle to marry Matthew. This is the church yard where Matthew was buried. The arched door on the backside of the church is where we see the family exit together after church services. It felt very special to me to walk around in a place where people I love have walked.  I know that they are characters in a story, but I do still love them.  And they do seem very real to me indeed.  So there.

 My friend Jennifer said that the stone they designed for Matthew looks similar to this one in the church yard.

 I was enchanted by the needlepoint kneelers.  They each looked so personalized.

 I believe that this is the door that we see the family entering and exiting the church from.

This is a good picture with a view from the church back up the village street (past Mrs. Crowley's house and the hospital.)  I think you can get an idea of what a small little area this really is... but we have sure seem a lot of action here!

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