Monday, April 7, 2014

the london diaries. it's a small world after all.

On Saturday morning, my friend Jennifer Keller (more about her and her sweet family coming soon) pointed me in the direction of the street market while she attended to another appointment.  After enjoying a much needed cup of coffee, I ventured toward the town square of Salisbury where the market tents were set up.  I approached the first stand that caught my attention because I wanted to photograph the stack of farm fresh eggs for sale.

Then a bright voice caught my attention and said "Hello! I bet you don't remember me."  After a few seconds he helped me remember by saying "I was sitting across from you on the train into Salisbury last night."   To which I smiled and said "Yes I remember! You were in a khaki suit and you ordered a glass of wine."  (I remembered because I wanted a glass myself, but had to keep all my faculties clear to get where I needed to go!) And when I reviewed the photos on my camera, I even had a photo of him. I was trying to photograph myself in the reflection in the train window, and he was the passenger in view. ha.

He name is John Longley and he used the own the poultry farm that was selling the eggs, chickens and cheese at the market. He helps out the new owner on market days 'for fun'. We smiled at the coincidence  and snapped this photo to remember the sweet providence that made me feel at bit at home in this big market, and more than that, made me aware again (for the kajillionth time) of God's Hand on my trip.

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