Thursday, June 30, 2011


Looking for a beach friend or summer travel companion? Look no further. Jane is the answer.

Jane Erye is a classic written by Emily Bronte in 1847. All three of my bunnies have told me it is their all-time favorite book. One even plans to name a daughter Jane. I am currently listening to Jane Erye via book-on-CD in my car. I can't get enough! I am trying to plan a long car trip just so I can finish the adventure. (Two trips to Minneapolis have me in the middle of the book.)

Treat yourself to a friendship with Jane for a summer blessing.


If you have read this blog much at all, you know that Mother Rabbit does not believe in taking medicines willy-nilly. Many people's issues probably stem from being over-medicated and having multiple drugs interact in unhealthy combinations. That aside - there is one over-the-counter pain reliever that Mother Rabbit likes: Naproxen Sodium (or its brand name Alleve.)

It is an anti-inflammatory drug that is especially helpful with tissue and muscle issues. It is a perfect choice for period cramps, muscle aches & pains, sore backs, head ache - and is a perfect choice right before a bikini wax. I usually buy the Target or store brand for Naproxen Sodium which you will find right by the Alleve.

Monday, June 27, 2011

these are not tomatoes.

Resist the temptation to buy the red plastic-tasting things that masquerade as tomatoes in the off season. They are not worth it. If you are honest with yourself, they do not even taste like real tomatoes in season. This is an easy place to support "eating local, fresh & seasonally". Save your tomato recipes for late July through September - and then have a heyday! (And save fossil fuel in the process from your shipped-across-the-country-plastic-red-things.)

share meals around the table.

I attended a shower over the weekend and was asked to write some advice down on a card for the bride-to-be. Mother Rabbit loves advice and I enthusiastically wrote down "Always share meals together around a table. And never, never, never have the TV on during mealtime." This is very important advice for newly married couples because you are creating the standard for your "family meals" in the future.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Here is another challenge for you. Review your cable bill and make yourself aware of how much you are really paying for cable service every month. Now step back and evaluate if it is really worth it.

Last time Mike and I stayed at a hotel we were amazed how long it took to find some television worth watching. (Fun memory... when the girls were little we would say "it that television worth watching??" 80% of the time the answer was no.) We actually do not have cable service in our house. Don't feel sorry for us. We have a 52" plasma TV, a Bose sound system and hundreds of movies.

But the challenge is to make sure you aren't spending too much on something that is not giving back. Maybe the money could be used for something that would yield more benefits. The challenge is just to look at your bill and think about it. Mother Rabbit loves this sort of thing.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

watch the nick kelsh radio picture show on facebook.

I'm addicted. If you want to learn to take better photographs and raise your level of awareness about good photography, I have a treat for you. Nick Kelsh is a world-class professional photographer and just plain great guy who puts all kinds of amazing & helpful stuff on his web site, and also does weekly videos on FaceBook to which I am now addicted. Become FaceBook friends with How To Photograph Your Baby (name of his book and his web site) and watch his weekly video production of "The Nick Kelsh Radio Picture Show".

Some of the stuff is way over my head but I can tell I am still learning something, plus Nick is just plain entertaining. Go to and link to the red 'Find Us On FaceBook' tab. You will thank me.

The photo is one I took in Gordes, France and has always been a favorite.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

carry on bag.

While it seems obvious that an airline should be able to safely transport the luggage we check to the same destination as the traveler, it doesn't always happen. Even on direct flights. I am going to advice that you (and I) always pack a carry-on bag even with checked luggage. It isn't hard - pack a pair of undies, a change of clothes, a bathing suit, something that doubles as jammies, always contact case & solution, some toiletries at your discretion. It is an Emergency Kit and can prevent much stress. It is great if you can find a soft-sided, over-the-shoulder bag that you can stuff your purse into as well.

This post was stimulated by Abby's current trip to Italy. She invested much time in planning & packing. She bought a large backpack for her suitcase so they could move from city to city in Italia with greater ease. Low and behold, AA lost her bag / backpack. She is 8 days into the trip and she still doesn't have it. Her first day in Florence was very stressful because she wanted to be out exploring the city instead of out shopping for underwear. She did finally just go out and buy what she needed (and AA will be getting that bill.) But I know she wishes she had at least some of the things she packed.

Check out LLBean to see the carry-on bag that I love - TA248839 Carryall Rolling Pullman, Medium $149. See this item now at


One of the best exercises you can do is good old-fashioned push-ups. About a year ago I took a challenge to "one new activity or change to your daily schedule". I decided to do 40 push-ups every day. At first it seemed like such a big deal and then I realized it takes all of 90 seconds to complete the task. I could hardly complain. (If Mother Rabbit remembers correctly, this is also the length of time is takes to make a bed.)

I remember hearing that the fastest muscles to tone are your arms, and have heard that actresses do push-ups before wearing their Academy Awards gowns

I have also heard my Marine husband say that push-ups and sit-ups are two of the most complete exercises and that you don't need a whole bunch of fancy ones.

I recently heard my massage therapist recommending push-ups to a client to strengthen her core and her back.

I have learned in my workout class that push-ups and planks strengthen your abs.

So Mother Rabbit encourages a push-up regimen. Start small and build up. Form is everything. Arms shoulder distance apart. Head straight. Abs in tight. Try it everyday for a month. Start with 20 per day. (And let's not do sissy girl-push-ups.) You can do it.

Monday, June 6, 2011


I think I was in the fourth grade when I started caring about my handwriting. By high school I decided that I was going to develop my own style. I observed what others did and when I found handwriting I liked, I copied it. Nice handwriting is nothing more than taking the time to form the letters in a pleasing way.

I love it that all of my bunnies have handwriting that people get confused with mine. They learned that pretty handwriting can be learned & developed. Abby was just asked to address wedding invitations for dear friends... I couldn't resist photographing one of the envelopes.

If you would like different handwriting, you have the power to tweak it to something you like better. You can even use a computer font to "copy" and develop into your own. Start with a signature and move on from there.

no eating in the car.

One of the fun parts of blogging is when my own "bunnies" give me things to blog about. "Mom, you need to post about 'no eating allowed in your car'."

It has always been a family rule that there is NO EATING in my vehicle. If you want a simple way to keep your car nicer for longer, this is it. It might be inconvenient at times, but it is amazing how much cleaner your vehicle will be!

People are often amazed at the cleanliness of the interior of my 15 year old Expedition. (Now granted, the steering wheel and torn leather driver's seat look their age - but for the most part anyone would say 'that's a clean vehicle'.) On a recent drive to Minneapolis my odometer passed 265,000. I never dreamed when we bought this vehicle that I would still be driving it 15 years later, and you better believe that I am thankful that the NO EATING rule has been mostly enforced.

My Expedition still gets me where I need to go... And any car trip is better with a book on tape (I recommend Jane Eyre!) and some fresh flowers in a cup holder.