Wednesday, June 22, 2011

watch the nick kelsh radio picture show on facebook.

I'm addicted. If you want to learn to take better photographs and raise your level of awareness about good photography, I have a treat for you. Nick Kelsh is a world-class professional photographer and just plain great guy who puts all kinds of amazing & helpful stuff on his web site, and also does weekly videos on FaceBook to which I am now addicted. Become FaceBook friends with How To Photograph Your Baby (name of his book and his web site) and watch his weekly video production of "The Nick Kelsh Radio Picture Show".

Some of the stuff is way over my head but I can tell I am still learning something, plus Nick is just plain entertaining. Go to and link to the red 'Find Us On FaceBook' tab. You will thank me.

The photo is one I took in Gordes, France and has always been a favorite.

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