Friday, September 21, 2012

hand pressing.

Hand Pressing is a technique that Mother Rabbit (and oodles of other smart women) do to remove wrinkles from hand washed or delicate cycle items.  For all of my "special" sweaters and clothing items, I lightly fluff the items in the dryer on the lowest, lowest heat for just 5-10 minutes. (Always set the timer or you will forget!)  Then I remove them lightly damp and lay them flat in table tops or sofa backs that have been covered with a clean white bath towel.

Here is the "hand pressing" part: Using your hand like it was an iron, gentle press out any wrinkles. It really works like magic and it rather fun.  Smooth and "press out" the knits until they look like they have just been pressed.  Then let them dry naturally.

Mother Rabbit does not like dry cleaning, both for the "smell" and the added cost. My front loading Neptune washer is gentle on clothing and has both a "hand wash" and "delicate" cycle.  What is hard on your delicate items is the dryer.  A gentle wash cycle + a light fluff with a dryer sheet + hand pressing + natural drying = clothing that looks nice longer.

baby nails.

It is true.  Many of my posts are going to be related to babies now... because that is what grandmas do.

Clipping a tiny baby's fingernails is a scary thing.  That is why I was all ears when I heard the nurses at the hospital mention "filing" them instead.  Grandma Bunny would like to add that the fancy glass files work especially well.  I am always amazed that the clear glass files even work whenever I use them - but they do.  And they seem to be even gentler on baby girl's tiny nails... and that is what matters.