Sunday, February 2, 2014

are you game?

Remember the Memory Game? 24 little cards. You turn them over two at a time. And you have to use your memory to remember where you saw the matching card! Very exciting when you are little. Check out this Valentines Day version of the classic game featuring YOUR kids or grand kids.

Yesterday I made the game for our house when the grand-girls are here. I love the pinky-pink limited edition that Pinhole Press is offering right now. (Don't worry. Chic Black and Fun Blue versions are available too.)

It took me under 15 minutes to create the project and cost my pocketbook only $19.99. A deal.

To be honest, it took me longer to select the photos I wanted to use. Smile. You need 12 photos (because there are two of each card in the game.) With our 6 darling grand daughters I got to pick two photos of each girl. You could create your game with 12 different family members... or 12 photos of one precious kid. Want to see the pics I used?

I remember loving this game as a very little girl because it is one of the first board games you can play when you are very young. I have memories of feeling very proud that I was BIG enough to play a table game. I look forward to playing this game again on about the 50 anniversary of the first time I played it. ha

Check it out here at   PINHOLE PRESS .