Wednesday, July 16, 2014

my color studios are open for business.

It is with tremendous excitement that I can officially announce that my House of Colour studios are open for business.  The studio in my home at 315 N. Thomas in Oakland, Nebraska has been receiving clients, and my portable "pop up" studio in St. Louis had her first run last week.  Also, within the hour I am heading to Dallas to work with clients there. What an exciting month this has been!

Here is a view of my St. Louis studio in the sun room of Tom & Susan Werner's home. Since natural lighting is an important element in the process, this studio setting is ideal.  I was able to drape & analyze ten clients there last week.  We had so much fun that it seemed too good to be true.

Three of those clients were a mother and two daughters. We had a sweet time discovering the WOW colors for each of these gals, and I am confident they are having some fun shopping with their personalized color palettes and wearing their WOW colors.

I have many more stories to tell... and I will tell them! But like I said, I am heading to Dallas where I will give my Color Wheel talk during a Happy Hour on Friday night. (It will be a Happy Hour. Colors are FUN and inspiring!)

If you would like to embark on a personal color journey with me, please email me at  Color consults are $175.  It is a time of discovery that is guaranteed to save you money & time. And will open your eyes to the beauty of your personal coloring - and how to enhance it.

If people ask me what I do, I say "I change lives... and I do it with color."

better than flossing.

One of my new favorite things: Soft-Picks. 

I remember that my dad loved using a toothpick to clean his teeth.  I wish he was around to enjoy this teeth-cleaning breakthrough.  It looks like a toothpick with a tiny Christmas tree on the end.  It is an exciting way to clean your teeth! Mike and I are both slightly addicted because of how fresh and clean your mouth feels after using them.  You just poke the little brush end between your teeth like you would when flossing.

If flossing regularly adds 7 years to your life as they say - then Soft-Picks certainly add about 14 years. Smile. By the way, it was our dentist who told us about them.