Thursday, February 16, 2012

my luggage scale.

One of the smartest little tools I ever purchased was a luggage scale.  I am not a "pack light" kind of girl.  I like to have the things I need and enjoy with me when I travel... so I have a wonderfully large suitcase. 

Tip #1:  Ideally, and whenever possible, I fly Southwest so I do not pay any luggage fees.

Tip #2: Whenever I fly (paying for luggage or not) I get my money's worth by taking the entire 50 lbs - without going over and paying the extra fees.  This is where the luggage scale comes in!  If by some fluke I still have some extra needed weight to hit the 50 (or 49.5) mark, I add a bottle of wine (wrapped in bubble wrap and plastic) or bottled water - both items that save $ on the other end.

Tip #3: I only buy luggage from LLBean because they stand behind their products.  I have had numerous pieces replaced, and that gets my vote.

it's a new day DAWN-ing.

I only use Dawn dish soap because nothing cuts the grease like Dawn.  It is, or was, hard on the hands, but have you tried the new Dawn with Olay?  My favorite is the Tropical Shea Butter scent.  This wonderful new product comes with a warning:  You are going to want to wash dishes at every possible opportunity.

out with the old, in with the new.

Have you located your favorite place to "recycle" items in your home and closet?  I just dropped off three bags of what has become not useful or beautiful to me anymore at my favorite spot.  The point is that the adage "one man's junk is another man's treasure" has much truth to it.   I can feel great clearly out stuff that has lost its value to me while thinking that someone out there in the world might really love to have it.  What a win-win situation.  And isn't it a huge treat when dresser drawers are not crammed full, and drawers look less hectic? 

I am also motivated to regularly clear out "stuff" because I put the money I get back in an envelope labeled JCrew.  It is fun to "splurge" on something special with my secret envelope.

Susan Branch says "Have nothing in your home that you do not believe to be beautiful or know to be useful."

Monday, February 13, 2012

my desk chair.

Yes.  I sit on an exercise ball at my desk.  Over in the corner I have a rather darling pink & white Pottery Barn desk chair, but it is not what I sit on when I have hours of computer time ahead of me.  I work with an amazing massage therapist at The Little House Day Spa.  I happened to mention to her some time ago that the only time I feel any serious pain is when I stand up after sitting at my computer for a long time.  That is when she recommended that I try sitting on an exercise ball.  The ball "chair" forces you to sit up straighter and you automatically hold your core muscles a little tighter.

I headed straight to a sporting goods store and purchased the size that related to the height of a desk chair (when my weight is on top of it.)  I noticed an immediate difference.  And I did not roll off the ball uncontrollably as I anticipated.  For whatever reason, this past week I started using my desk chair again... until the stiffness drove me back to my handy dandy ball.  Besides, it is fun having playground equipment in your office.