Monday, July 26, 2010

know the power of epsom salts.

This post is in honor of my dear daddy, Jerry Wallerstedt, who went to his ultimate Home on July 2, 2010.

Throughout my growing up years I have memories of my dad soaking something in Epsom Salt, usually a body part. A package of Epsom Salt reads "Magnesium Sulfate" but it might as will read "Wonder Drug". It was not until I was an adult that I realized that my dad was really on to something. While I am not actually sure how it works such wonders, I know it does. I have often said that many God-made, "in nature" cures beat the man made kind all to heck. This would be an example.

In honor of Jerry, try it out next time you have some ache or pain. I recommend it for sore muscles, stiff joints, any funky skin thing, any kind of itch-y irritation, open wounds, bug bites or anything that is bringing you discomfort. Fill a basin or bathtub with warm water, dump in a generous amount of Epsom Salts and experience the magic. Don't laugh until you try it. It is very cheap and can be purchased at any drug store.

(My dad also believed in "snore strips" but I will not be commenting on that.)

pull out your camera when life is happening.

Some of my favorite photographs are ones I snapped at unconventional times. Have a camera close at all times and don't hesitate to use it. Nearly every time that I did not have my camera with me I have missed capturing something special that I have regretted.
My strategy: Have a camera handy at all times.
My advice: Take photos even when you aren't sure that you should.

I decided to pull out my camera when my dear daddy was spending his final days on this earth. We kept a round-the-clock vigil with him for three days and nights around his hospital bed. The photos I took are absolutely precious to us, as they have helped us savor a very rich time as a family.