Monday, August 1, 2011


Next time you are at the hardware store or a craft store like Michaels, pick up a stool of 24 gauge wire for your "handy drawer". You would be shocked how often you have a need for this fishing-wire-thin wire that is almost invisible.

making butter.

When I picked up our chicken & eggs from Kvam Family Farm last week, I decided to buy a quart of farm fresh cream so I could try out my antique butter churn. The task seemed a bit daunting and I feared I would mess it up... but it turns out it was super easy. In fact it was thrilling!

1. Pour cream into churn.

2. Turn the crank.

At about 15 minutes of churning I asked Mike to Google "making butter" to see how long this process was suppose to take. All of a sudden, almost as the words were coming out of my mouth, I couldn't turn the crank anymore. The butter turned into a pretty yellow solid and separated from the buttermilk. It seemed amazing to me.

3. Place the butter in a bowl and press down with a spatula to squeeze out the excess buttermilk (liquid). Add a dash of sea salt as you stir and press.

4. Mold your butter and enjoy!

For a real treat, try it. I have heard it even works to just shake the cream in a jar until the "butter happens".