Sunday, October 9, 2011

fall tomatoes.

I have told you about planting tomatoes before.  I have told you that cherry tomatoes were easy to grow and have a long growing season.  I have said that everyone should get to enjoy the wonders of fresh tomatoes during the summer.  Just to make my point, look what you can harvest even in mid-October from a single tomato plant.  (The tired old plant makes a creepy kind of Halloween-esque decoration to boot. Smile.)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

mini bottles of vino.

Mini individual wine bottles are a great idea. Have you discovered how fun & economical these can be? Not only perfect for a picnic but they are perfect for a movie (and cost less than the quart size sodas they sell at the theater.) I recently planted some of these small portable bottles in my purse / bag at a street dance we attended and calculated we saved over $20 compared to the stuff they were offering for sale in the plastic cups - and our wine was actually good. There are many outdoor venues where bringing your own beverages is perfectly legitimate - and smart too. Our city grocery store has almost two dozen different mini-bottle offerings. Some good things do come in small packages.