Monday, January 14, 2013

give credit where credit is due.

I am about to share a quirky thing about Mother Rabbit...

I will not leave my theater seat until every last credit has run on the big screen.   I enjoy this private "space" to absorb the movie I have just enjoyed.   But more importantly, I feel like I am thanking and honoring the people who labored to make the production a reality by quietly viewing the names on the screen.  It is mind boggling to grasp what a team effort a movie production is.

AND there are often surprises and sweet somethings hidden in the credits for those who wait.  Sometimes there is even an additional movie clip that comes on after the credits run, leaking a hint about a possible sequel to follow.  Sometimes I have been the only one in the theater (with Mike) to see it!

At the very end of the credits for Les Miserables, director Tom Hooper thanked his parents and grandparents (by name in small letters) for introducing him to musicals.  How marvelous.

Next time you go to the movies, stay for the credits.  It can be a sweet treat.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

movie favorites.

After coming home from the theater last night, I pulled out my 'favorite movies of all time list' because I wanted to add to it.  Les Miserables is definitely joining the list.   If you have not already seen it, I would recommend you make a plan to view this cinematic masterpiece while it is still in the theaters.  I saw Les Mis on Broadway in NY and I can safely say that in my humble opinion this production was 1000 times better.  (I know that I am comparing apples and oranges, but this story deserves the grandeur that the cinema can provide.)

In the spirit of movie favorites, I would like to present my TOP 40.  I would encourage you to create a list for yourself.  When I moved into my new office space this past year, I made  "favorite things" a theme to surround myself with... and included movie favorites on my shelves.  I enjoy having them close by.  Somehow they seem to exude warmth, comfort, excitement and sweetness.  Please note that my movie favorites are not in a particular order.  Les Miserables will be added when I create the TOP 50 list.

Karen’s Movie Favorites TOP 40

1.        Sense & Sensibility
2.        Pride & Prejudice BBC
3.        Toy Story
4.        Toy Story 2
5.        Toy Story 3
6.        Shawshank Redemption
7.        What About Bob?
8.        Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
9.        You’ve Got Mail
10.      Master & Commander
11.     Driving Miss Daisy
12.     The Notebook
13.     Galaxy Quest
14.     Tootsie
15.     A Good Year
16.     Gladiator
17.     Return of the Pink Panther
18.     P.S. I Love You
19.     Return to Me
20.     Door to Door
21.     First Wives Club
22.     Father of the Bride 1&2
23.     Con Air
24.     The Rock
25.     Crimson Tide
26.     Serendipity
27.     Calamity Jane
28.     State Fair
29.     Bridges of Madison County
30.     About Schmidt
31.     White Christmas
32.     Emma
33.     Dan in Real Life
34.     Last of the Mohicans
35.     A King’s Speech
36.     Lars & The Real Girl
37.     Sleepless in Seattle
38.     Something’s Gotta Give
39.     Thomas Crown Affair
40.    Finding Nemo