Monday, June 6, 2011

no eating in the car.

One of the fun parts of blogging is when my own "bunnies" give me things to blog about. "Mom, you need to post about 'no eating allowed in your car'."

It has always been a family rule that there is NO EATING in my vehicle. If you want a simple way to keep your car nicer for longer, this is it. It might be inconvenient at times, but it is amazing how much cleaner your vehicle will be!

People are often amazed at the cleanliness of the interior of my 15 year old Expedition. (Now granted, the steering wheel and torn leather driver's seat look their age - but for the most part anyone would say 'that's a clean vehicle'.) On a recent drive to Minneapolis my odometer passed 265,000. I never dreamed when we bought this vehicle that I would still be driving it 15 years later, and you better believe that I am thankful that the NO EATING rule has been mostly enforced.

My Expedition still gets me where I need to go... And any car trip is better with a book on tape (I recommend Jane Eyre!) and some fresh flowers in a cup holder.

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  1. happy i could help :)
    love, bunnie #3