Monday, June 6, 2011


I think I was in the fourth grade when I started caring about my handwriting. By high school I decided that I was going to develop my own style. I observed what others did and when I found handwriting I liked, I copied it. Nice handwriting is nothing more than taking the time to form the letters in a pleasing way.

I love it that all of my bunnies have handwriting that people get confused with mine. They learned that pretty handwriting can be learned & developed. Abby was just asked to address wedding invitations for dear friends... I couldn't resist photographing one of the envelopes.

If you would like different handwriting, you have the power to tweak it to something you like better. You can even use a computer font to "copy" and develop into your own. Start with a signature and move on from there.

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  1. I have always LOVED your handwriting, I feel I have nice handwriting as well, but you (and your girls) definitely have your own cute style!