Tuesday, June 21, 2011

carry on bag.

While it seems obvious that an airline should be able to safely transport the luggage we check to the same destination as the traveler, it doesn't always happen. Even on direct flights. I am going to advice that you (and I) always pack a carry-on bag even with checked luggage. It isn't hard - pack a pair of undies, a change of clothes, a bathing suit, something that doubles as jammies, always contact case & solution, some toiletries at your discretion. It is an Emergency Kit and can prevent much stress. It is great if you can find a soft-sided, over-the-shoulder bag that you can stuff your purse into as well.

This post was stimulated by Abby's current trip to Italy. She invested much time in planning & packing. She bought a large backpack for her suitcase so they could move from city to city in Italia with greater ease. Low and behold, AA lost her bag / backpack. She is 8 days into the trip and she still doesn't have it. Her first day in Florence was very stressful because she wanted to be out exploring the city instead of out shopping for underwear. She did finally just go out and buy what she needed (and AA will be getting that bill.) But I know she wishes she had at least some of the things she packed.

Check out LLBean to see the carry-on bag that I love - TA248839 Carryall Rolling Pullman, Medium $149. See this item now at llbean.com.

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