Monday, April 7, 2014

the london diaries. perfect timing.

  Rapeseed field in full bloom.

It is not lost on me that I happen to be in England at a very lovely time of year.  At the beginning of a Frommers travel guide you can read some opinions about the best time of year to visit a country.  This trip came upon me so fast that I did not have time to investigate what Frommers had to say about it... but I would say that it is perfect timing.

The daffodils has been at their peak of blooming, and there are a lot of them to enjoy.   In southern England where I ventured over the weekend, it wasn't uncommon to see whole sections of yards & fields covered in them.

Not only were the daffodils in bloom, but the rapeseed fields were in full bloom.  When we made the drive to Bampton, I quickly lost count of the bright yellow fields that covered the countryside.  I was told that in America we were not fond of the word "rapeseed" so we call it canola instead.  The end market product from these glowing fields is CANOLA OIL.

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