Monday, April 7, 2014

the london diaries. welcome baby rue!

Welcome to the world, Russo "Rue" Elaine Faller!  Little Rue is the daughter of our Kiley & Andy Faller, and she made her appearance on Thursday, April 3rd at 5:37pm.  She arrived at 11:37pm on the English clock to me!  I was thrilled that I was back at my B&B with wifi to follow the action for the six hours leading up to her birth.

I cannot tell you have thankful I am for texting and FaceTime on this adventure.  I even 'got in trouble' for posting something on Instagram & Facebook before the parents. Oops. Nobody gave me the memo.  Who would have thought that Grandma Bunny across the ocean could be getting the news as instantaneously as everyone else.  We live in an amazing age... and we welcome you into it little Rue!

This is grand bunny #7 for Mike and me.

Grand bunny #8 is due on Easter Sunday.  Daughter Emily is already 4 centimeters dilated but is managing to keep the "bun warming in the oven".

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