Saturday, April 5, 2014

the london diaries: today's walk in nether wallop.

This weekend I have the privilege of staying in Nether Wallop in southern England.  And just inn case you were wondering (hee hee) it is in the same county as Highclere Castle.  Last night and tonight, I am sleeping in the same county as Highclere Castle.  Also known as Downton Abbey.
Late this afternoon I borrowed Jennifer's Wellies and headed off for a walk around the village.

 I want a stone mushroom in my garden with moss growing on it. 

Almost every house had a thatched roof and looked this charming. This darling one had smoke rising from the chimney that smelled marvelous.  All my senses were on overload.
I want a bell just like this for my back door.  

Self portrait using driveway mirror. 

This is an 11th century church.  Oldie but goodie.

Fly fishing originated in this part of the world, and this was part of a fly fishing school.  Note to self: If I take fly fishing lessons I want to take them here.
 I was thankful for me Wellies on parts of the walk.  (I am hoping to come home with an accent!)

Today was a dream from start to finish, and when I wake up I will be glad to have these pictures to see that it was really true!

I started the morning at a street market in Salibury, and then Jennifer drove me to Bampton where the village scenes from Downton Abbey are filmed. Then I took this walk.  What a glorious day.

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