Saturday, April 5, 2014

the london dairies. be brave and shine on.

Earlier this week Molly Jacques, my calligraphy coach & new friend, posted the quote "Be brave & shine on." I am glad she said because I have been working to feel brave.  I cannot tell you have many times the learning curve has pushed against me, and how many times I had to step out and just be brave.

 One one thing, this week I have been given the privilege of working with the best-in-the-world image consultants at the House of Colour headquarters in Croxley, England.  It is stretching me and growing me in ways I haven't pushed myself in a long while.  I have been overwhelmed more times than I like to think about this week, but I have had to be very brave and just try to keep growing and learning.  At the end of the first week of my training, I know I have trained my eyes and learned skills that I didn't have before.  When I bottomed out on my flight around the Pond, dear friend Lisa Beier told me in a text "Enjoy yourself - this is a once in a lifetime experience! You're so cool for doing this, so start acting like it!!"  These were my marching orders for being brave. Her words helped me to be brave when I felt like withering.

THEN, at the end of an exhausting first week of training, I did another very brave thing.  I let one of my fellow trainees drop me off at the Watford Junction train station, and I caught three different trains to take me to Grateley (near Salisbury) --- ALL BY MYSELF. Did you catch that? I had to switch trains twice and I did it! CM friend & team member Jennifer Keller picked me up at the station and drove me to their home in Nether Wallop where I am being refreshed by this darling family and the English countryside over the weekend.

(This is our 'quick get a selfie with the train in the background' pic!)

More to come about the Kellers, my adventures in Salibury and today's walk around Nether Wallop... stay tuned.

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