Friday, April 11, 2014

the london diaries. graduation day.

Today was a big day.  Today I completed my training course with flying colors (no pun intended) at the House of Colour world headquarters in Watford, England.  I have purchased my franchise and passed my training course. It is official.  I am a House of Colour COLOR CONSULTANT and I am bringing my UK-based business back to the states.  I am one of only 13 consultants in the US, while there are hundreds and hundreds in the UK and Europe. I plan to spearhead my business in Omaha, Dallas and St. Louis. Watch out world, here I come.
This is the wonderful Helen and one of the Directors who trained me.

In a nutshell, my job is:

1. Building your confidence
2. Saving you lots of $
3. Saving you time
4. Reducing your wardrobe by half while giving you 3 times more options.
(Did you know that most of us wear 15% of our clothes 85% of the time?)

This all happens by knowing which parts of the color wheel work best for YOU.  It is about discovering the uniqueness of your inner color palette and working out of that.

I am excited because I believe that everybody deserves to know their WOW colors.

I am excited because I can see and appreciate how each person is fearfully & wonderfully made, and it is a celebration of our uniqueness. I am excited because this is empowering knowledge.

I am also excited that I can help people make more sure-fire decisions when shopping for clothes, nail color, jewelry, accessories and makeup. (One of the cool things is that when you are wearing "your color palette", it looks like you are wearing makeup even when you aren't!)

So much more I want to say... but for now let me tell you what I wrote in my journal this week:
"My adventurous training is now over, but I am going home a different person... stronger, braver, and with a set of skills that I didn't own before."

My next adventure begins... bringing the science & wonder of color back home with me.

This is the wonderful group of gals I trained with - Arvinder, Rosee, Judi and Helen.
 My very first "guinea pig" client was a man named John.  He was so patient with me. This color knowledge is just as important for men! You project more authority and confidence by wearing your best colors.  One of my favorite stories was from one of the directors who was very successful in a crisis-management position in the medical field.  She went in for a color consult as a skeptic, but decided  to take the recommendations for her color & style and ran with them. She was promoted 3 times and tripled her salary in 18 months, just by projecting herself differently at work.  While she brought the same skills to the table, now she was more visible in the marketplace.  After her 'color transformation' a man came up to her in a meeting room and extended his hand and said "Hello, my name is ______ and I wanted to introduce myself."  She had been in meetings with that man in the same room for 4 years. True story.

 This dear woman now knows the colors that make her look her very best!
Part of my training included Top Tips for makeup. I plan to share "Wake Up Your Makeup" tips with my consults.  Be thinking of what friends you want to do your color consult with!

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