Monday, March 31, 2014

the london diaries. feeling better today.

I took Susan Branch to dinner with me tonight, and she really said it marvelously:
"Traveling is hard work. Everything is ALWAYS strange; staying home IS much easier; but this you do for inspiration, for challenge, for beauty, for growth, but most of all, for the memories."

Some good things happened today.

1. My training at House of Colour headquarters started in earnest.  I was deeply inspired and my passion for sharing the power of color is growing even greater.  I am in class from 9-5pm everyday, or on my clock back home 3am-11am. (smile)  More about my training later.

2. I found a grand grocery market in the neighborhood which will be perfect for shopping for fresh goodies for my lunches. In other words, I now have a source for wine, chocolate, amazing cheeses and very fresh fruits. Things are looking up.

And I HAD to buy this... because I could!

3. I felt my head start to clear late in the afternoon.

4. I made a decision to go out to dinner every night with my journal, my book and the notes from the day's classwork.  It was a very relaxing way to study and ponder all that I am learning.

Hannah also gave me a gift today with another great perspective "Mom, it is like you are studying abroad!... in your 50's."

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