Friday, March 29, 2013

sweet charlotte is in surgery now.

Charlotte Grace checked into Children's Hospital today at 9am to prepare for her surgery technically called "Posterier Vault Reconstruction".   We have known since her two month appointment that this surgery was pending until she reached the 'perfect age' to have this corrective surgery performed.  She will be 8 months old in a week.  Basically, Charlotte's skull fused prematurely and her lack of a "soft spot" was one of the tell-tale signs.  With the "cranial synostosis along her sagittal suture" her little head can only grow length-wise and not round.  The surgery will remove the fused areas.  They will also remove part of her skull, remodel it, and then put it back.  This will allow her sweet little head to grow properly and allow plenty of room for what we believe is an exceptionally amazing brain.  Supposedly this happens to one in every 2000 babies... if that is the case, I do not know enough babies. And supposedly, babies respond remarkably well.  Today will be the hardest... on everybody.

This blog spot is for people who want to know more details about Charlotte and her family today... and we covet your prayers.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS.

We got to talk with her plastic surgeon, Dr. Jason Miller, about 11:30am and Hannah kissed her little girl and followed the little cart to the elevator with tears on her face at about 11:45am for the surgery. Dr. Miller will be assisted by neurosurgeon Dr. Mark Puccioni during the procedure. We just received word that they officially started the procedure about 12:45pm.

 Mother Rabbit thought she would share some photos with you from this morning while Baby Girl is in her surgery.

 When we arrived they were quick to check Charlotte's vitals
and draw some more blood.  Good to go.
 Do you like my hospital gown?
 Grandma Bunny got to cuddle with some bunny while we waited for the doctor.
Daddy was on the scene to provide some loving too.
Charlotte to blessed to have Grandpa Greg and Fiona, Auntie Jan Dobesh and Grandma Jane all at the hospital for loving on Charlotte - and Hannah! Aunt Abby is on her way from Minneapolis too.  In fact I told Dr. Miller "there are people who flew in from all over the country for this surgery in the waiting room... really." 
 This is the shape of the incision that will be made on little Pookie's head.  We asked the doctor to prepare us for how she would look after the procedure.  She will have a head wrap bandage that won't come off until Sunday.   We were very happy to hear that Dr. Miller will be the one taking it off on Easter Sunday! He said that sometimes the babies eyes are swollen shut, but let's pray that they won't be.  There will be swelling in the back of the head.
 Little cuddle time this morning... important for both people in this photo.
 The baby girl fell asleep for almost 45 minutes. Such a blessing since she couldn't eat.  She was bright-eyed and rested when the doctor arrived.
In her rolling cart bed ready to go... Aunt Abby gave Charlotte this new blabla doll for the surgery. We named her Daisy. At least she gets to go with Charlotte.
See you soon pookie...
Both girls were so brave.
Thank you for PRAYING. We can feel it. It matters. We need it.

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  1. I'm bawling...I love you guys so much...God will take care of your beautiful Charlotte.