Sunday, March 31, 2013

breaking news!

 Just now at 1:30pm on Easter Sunday little Charlotte just took a turn for the better!  She could open her little eyes enough to see and hold an EASTER EGG. She started making her little sounds, playing with her toes (trying to pull all the cords off), and shaking the candy in the little egg.  We are all thrilled to see the first little signs Charlotte feeling better!

And YES, the Easter Bunny aka Mother Rabbit hid eggs in the room (including one money egg!) and the girls had their traditional Easter Egg Hunt.  Abby found the money egg this year.


  1. We have all been steadily praying for your littlest bunny - all the way from Michigan - and following your status updates. The kids were excited to see she got to play with eggs today, too. -And had to share... when we were going on and on about how beautiful she is, Delaney piped in to say she was beautiful, too. We told her she is the most beautiful 4 year old. She was happy with that. Love to all - thankful for the amazing things that can me done 'so simply' and answered prayers. Beth & The Leverton Clan

  2. Rejoice! Love you...kisses to y'all! xoxox