Saturday, March 30, 2013

tender loving care.

After Charlotte got checked into her PICU room, we made sure that there were caring touches and soothing voices right there to bring some comfort.  She was on morphine to control her pain but got off of it at 2:45am  this morning once she woke up enough to start nursing. Great news.

Kiley and Andy stopped by in the evening and Nurses-Training-Kiley told us what all the numbers on the monitors meant.  She "checked everything out" and gave her approval. Smile. (We loved our night nurses, Jason & Michelle, at Children's by the way.)

The bottom photo of her hand is the only limb that did not have a tube sticking out of it!  She had IV tubes (or something) in both her feet and another tube in her right arm.  They also had a catheter in and a drain on her head wound.  Sweet baby girl...

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