Saturday, March 30, 2013

resting and healing.

The scene in Room 509 at Children's Hospital today was both sweet and difficult. We got to leave the PICU about noon and move to a regular floor.  Charlotte did a lot of sleeping and it was super sweet to see Hannah curled up in the little bed with Baby Girl. 

It was difficult when Baby Girl tried opening her little eyes which are too puffy and swollen to open.   She rubs them with her little hands in frustration.  They are really swollen and I am sure they feel really tight & uncomfortable.  Please pray for the swelling to subside.

Some good news to share... Charlotte's blood levels moved up high enough on their own so she did not need extra blood.  We are THANKFUL.

Thank you for your continued prayers... and HAPPY EASTER.

I have been reflecting on the fact that because Jesus lives and reigns is the reason that prayer is even an option.  What was accomplished on the cross for us changes everything.  HALLELUIA.

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