Sunday, March 31, 2013

so much loving care... many helping hands.

 When sweet Charlotte gets uncomfortable and frustrated, her support team jumps into action.
 Justin is on "me-me duty" while mommy sleeps.
 Great Grandma Ruth visited yesterday... so did Bella & Evian!
 Aunt Jan was here from Broken Bow.
 So much caring support... It was fun telling the nurse after she asked "Do you all live in Omaha?" and we could answer "No, Grandpa Greg & Fiona flew in from Alabama, Daddy Justin flew in from DC, Aunt Jan drove from Broken Bow, Auntie Abby drove in from Minneapolis - and Mommy, Charlotte & Grandma Bunny live in Oakland."
Baby Girl's little face is still puffy and swollen... but the swelling is starting to go down a
little so that Pookie can open her eyes a little sliver - and she likes that!

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