Saturday, February 23, 2013

free time?

Upon waking this morning Mike and I shared some banter about what our Saturday activities might look like on this sunny, snowy, promising day.  Then Mike made a comment that went something like this:  "I thought when we finished the house projects that I would have more free time on my hands... and I just don't see it."

I have been smiling about this all day.  Free Time?  Who is he kidding?  "Free Time" has to be won / fought for / grabbed / taken by force / scheduled and guarded.  Nothing is free.  There certainly aren't going to be pockets of time left over at the end of the day - unless you planned it that way.

I guard my "free time" with a vengeance.  I believe it is a part of mental health.

I think the same principle applies to money.  There will never just be $ left at the end of the month unless you guard it with a vengeance.   Free time and extra money are commodities to be treasured.  The point is: Be on your guard.  There are useless things in your life that are working to put a drain on both.

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