Monday, January 13, 2014

take photos before you take down.

Good idea:  Snap some photos of your holiday decorations BEFORE you take them down for the season.  Then pack the photos in with your Christmas ornaments for a handy reference of what you did last year.  If you are anything like Mother Rabbit, you might tweak your decorations from year to year to keep things fresh.  The photo-reminder will help you know what you might like to repeat.

Before I pack these photos away with my holiday decorations, I thought I might share a few ideas.

Consider browsing vintage shops for your holiday decorations.  I found this antique Swedish candle tree at a charming vintage shop in Lindsborg, Kansas.  I loved the flavor it added to my kitchen.

 One of the smartest decorations I have ever purchased are these Pottery Barn "potted" evergreens.  I have them in all the sizes and enjoy changing their locations around the house every year.  People are continually amazed that they are not real, even after touching them.  This adds to the fun.

When I got tired of hanging ornaments on the tree, I piled some in a fabulous china bowl that once belonged to my Grandmother Eunice.  After sprinkling them with some fake sparkling "snow" it was one of my favorite decorations.

Needed:  One keepsake decoration, some yardage of white netting and a footed glass bowl from the thrift shop.  The little angel candle is a keepsake from my childhood, so I set it on the piano.  The glass bowl from Nifty Thrifty with some (fake) cranberries gave the candle a festive twist.  Netting is a simple way to create some holiday magic.

I like fresh evergreen for my holiday arrangements, but this year I added the silvery evergreen and white berries that I found at Pottery Barn.  They were a great touch with the mercury glass.

I hung the stockings on the banister again this year. 

This photo is going in the Christmas decoration storage box to remind me that next year I should invest in a red throw for the sofa during the holidays.  A red cable knit throw would have added a festive splash of color to the room, better than the soft blue blanket I left on the sofa.

It is fun to improve on decorations from year to year... taking some photos can help.

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