Wednesday, January 29, 2014

letter writing station.

first bit of advice from mother rabbit:
Write more hand-written notes. Resist the temptation to send all your communication by email.  Love, appreciation, care and concern are communicated powerfully when they are spoken with your handwriting.

second bit of advice from mother rabbit:
Have a letter writing station armed with everything you need to write a note whenever you need it.  Fill a basket with pretty notes, fun postage stamps, and pens.  If you have everything you need right there at your fingertips, the task will be less daunting.  Writing a meaningful note of concern or congratulations might take as little as 3 minutes when you don't have to hunt for the supplies, but your investment will be multiplied upon delivery.

one more thing from mother rabbit:
Have some FUN with your note-writing station, drawer or basket.  Add some beautiful stickers or rubber stamps to your collection of supplies.  Buy notes that make you happy to look at.  Maybe shop for notes or postcards when you are traveling.  Make your basket so fun that you WANT to write notes!

I had some fun on my last visit to Pinhole Press when I made some Address Labels using their templates.  While I won't be putting these colorful custom labels on my bills, I can hardy wait to embellish a package to a girlfriend! 

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