Wednesday, January 29, 2014

family flashcards.

best christmas gift given in 2013:  Photo Flashcards that Aunt Abby made for Charlotte and Eleanor. Once this gift came out of the wrapper, no other gift had a chance for the favorite spot.  And guess what? It was simple to make.

Family Flashcards are one of many creative photo projects available for the making at Pinhole Press Please use my link to check out the fun for yourself! You can find these Flashcards under Games & Education.

 Right here:  Pinhole Press. 

This is an easy drop-and-drag project.  Even the backs of the cards are colorful & fun.  The flashcards are made of a sturdy cardboard and super-reasonably priced at $24.99.  Another cool feature is that you can change up the alphabet letters to fit your family.  You might notice that we have lots of M's... and no Q or X.  It is 26 letters of your choice.

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