Wednesday, January 29, 2014

my first insta-album.

Possibly you know that one of my passions is helping people get their photos off their devices and into their lives.  I became more serious about posting photos to Facebook and Instagram sometime in early 2012 when I learned that this is the hipster-way to stay connected to our kids.  I can follow their lives in photo and word-snips, and they can follow me.  They are the ones who told me that "Facebook is for old people" and I quickly learned that most of their social media comings-and-goings happened on Instagram.  It was easy to became a fan of Instagram because it is about sharing PHOTOS.  You can send your photo out into cyberspace with a caption, or just plain.  But a photo is what is doing the bulk of the communicating. Instagram comes with a set of editing filters and is a pretty fun way to communicate with family and friends. 

One of my goals in January is to get my Instagram photos off my iPhone and into an album for safe keeping into the future. For my Insta-Album, I chose a little hardcover 5.25 x 5.25 60-page book from Pinhole Press.  Since 2012, I have sent about 250 photos into cyberspace as "instagrams". These are the ones going in the books. Not all 4000 photos I took on my iPhone are going into keepsake books... just the ones that were favorite enough to post to my Instagram world.  It looks like 4 little sixty-page books will get me current. This one is my first! Volume 2 and Volume 3 are on their way.  For more detailed instructions on how I created it, please see KarensMemoryJogger.

 Please check out  Pinhole Press  for yourself!  I am totally in love with the clever and creative products that they offer.  My personal favorites are the Family Flashcards, the Memory Game personalized with your photos, address labels and wine bottle labels for a wedding or party. Please use my link to check it out for yourself.

Pinhole Press

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