Friday, November 25, 2011

watch documentaries.

Next time you are perusing the video store (or Netflix) take a walk down the documentary aisle.  There are some delightful movies in the documentary category.  Thought I would share some recent favorites:

Documentary about the original Horse Whisperer Buck Brannaman. It is as much about how to relate to human beings as it is to horses.  You will want to meet this man after watching it. And you might even be in love with him.  Just saying...

The Pixar Story
Go behind the scenes at Pixar Animation Studios and trace the creation and history of this groundbreaking company.  (Did you know that Mother Rabbit has a secret desire to work at Pixar as a coffee girl or office helper? Anything to be around these creative geniuses.)

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead
Follows two men who rescue their health with a two month diet of fresh fruits and vegetables. Wish that this was required watching for every person in America - and especially school children.  We have forgotten how to eat in the good ol' USA.

Watch four babies birth and grow in four very different parts of the world.  It is easy to forget into what different environments children are born... and yet some things are the same the world over.

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