Thursday, November 24, 2011


I have a renewed appreciation for the importance of drinking water.  As of result of my husband's head & neck radiation treatments he has had tremendous difficulty swallowing, making eating and drinking a real chore.  At the peak of the radiation damage he had to go on "survival mode" for a week which translated to a minimum of 1000 calories and at least 2000 ml of water.  Translated:  This equates to about 66 ounces of fluid or 3 bottles of water per day.  Mike came close to dehydration twice which would have been a serious complication to his fragile health.

I came away from this with a new respect for water.  The massage therapist at The Little House Day Spa said that the Winnebago word for water is "first medicine".  We came face to face with that.  Remember that one of the smartest things you can do for a common cold is push lots of fluids through your body.

I remembered that Mireille Guiliano said in French Women Don't Get Fat that French women respect the importance of water intake and recommended drinking a full bottle of water first thing every morning to "hydrate".  Mother Rabbit has decided to make this part of her morning ritual again.

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