Saturday, November 26, 2011

a true gift.

The week before I was heading to Dallas to visit my oldest bunny Emily (who is having a bunny of her own in March!) Jane called and said "I would like you to come for lunch on Tuesday... and I want you to invite four or five friends.  I know it is hard to see every one you want to when you are in town for such a short time."

Please take note of this.  This was a true gift of friendship!  I got to call my precious friends and ask if they could meet me at Jane's for lunch. Let's pass this grand gift forward whenever we can.  Next time you have a friend coming into town, ask the friend who she would like to see - and plan a lunch.

My "friend shower" was a mix of ladies who had not all been together before.  We had such a precious time that I don't think it will be the last time either.  I think Jane started something bigger than we expected.

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