Friday, March 11, 2011

get a massage.

Today I got a lymphatic flush massage and I am a new woman. Through a delightful turn of events we converted my office house into The Little House Day Spa. While we are starting out our budding business slowly at two days per month, Spa Days have been such a success that I have been bumped off the schedule. Besides that, on Spa Days I am busy preparing the robes, serving fresh squeezed grapefruit juice & hot tea, and playing spa music softly in the background. This week I needed a massage, so my massage therapist came today just for me.

If you think massages are just about fluffy tickling and temporary pleasure, you are wrong. Massages are preventive maintenance for your good health. Massages get things back into alignment and move nasty toxins out of your body. Massages should be required maintenance for everyone over 35, like having an exercise regiment and going to the dentist - and they are oodles more fun than both of those things.

Do yourself a favor and find an excellent massage therapist near you, and schedule a peaceful indulgence that will promote your good health.

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