Monday, March 28, 2011

enjoy a cr-afternoon.

When was the last time you spent several hours doing something wonderfully creative? When was the last time you spent an afternoon being crafty? My daughter's friends planned a CRAFTernoon doing various creative projects together, and as soon as I heard about it I had to have one. This past Saturday on a visit to daughter Abby in Minneapolis we spent the afternoon with our needlework projects. We visited a yarn shop for color inspiration for starters... I showed Abby how to design her own pattern on graph paper for a needlepoint project... and I counted the stitches and painted the canvas for my next Christmas stocking using a beloved Mary Beale counted cross stitch pattern. Abby's inspiration for her needlepoint pillow was a favorite vintage rose print. We spent hours sitting around her kitchen table on that sunny crafternoon!

Grab an unfinished project or start a new one, but enjoy the pleasure of a whole afternoon with your creative juices flowing among friends.

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  1. You and Abby never cease to amaze me with all that creative energy going on! You have so much on your plate, yet accomplish more than anyone I know...beautifully! I Love you so!