Wednesday, December 15, 2010

store it clean.

Unless you have one of those massive, over-sized closets this might be the season when you are storing your summer clothes and linens and pulling out the winter ones. I usually wait until the temps drop to zero to make the move. That time was last weekend.
One of the things that I remember from my Textile Science class as a Textile Design major in college was to always store fabric that is clean. Nothing takes its toll on fibers like dirt and grime. Have you ever noticed when pulling out a garment from storage that a spot showed up that you didn't even remember or the underarm stain looked exaggerated? Well, now you know why. You gave that dirty grime a chance to do its business!
If you have nice dresses, sweaters and blankets that you want to keep over the long haul - store them after you have cleaned them. If they are items that cannot be hand or machine washed, take them to the dry cleaners before putting them in the storage closet, or the back of your closet.
Store your clothes clean. I learned it in college. It is really true.
Note: Too much detergent left on your fibers is another nasty culprit. Do not over-do the soap.

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