Wednesday, December 1, 2010

handy dryer in your kitchen.

You have a handy-dandy dryer right there in your kitchen at your fingertips - well, actually at the tips of your toes. Did you know that anything wet that you set in front of your refrigerator will be dry by morning? The fan under your refrigerator packs a lot of drying power. This is a perfect spot to dry tennis shoes that you have run through the washing machine, or place mittens that are wet with snow. It is a great place for a rug you have washed but cannot put in the dryer. If I accidentally immerse my rubber gloves in water (which I hate) I have learned that if I put the open end of the glove in front of the frig, they will dry out rather quickly. (It works even better if you put a little spice bottle inside the end of the glove to allow the air to get inside.) Happy Drying!

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