Saturday, December 11, 2010

scrape all the windows before driving.

For those of you where winter means ice & snow, I want to remind you to clear and scrape all of the windows in your vehicle, not just the front window. It is tempting to take time for only the front windshield, but your safety is impaired when you do not have full visibility out the back window and sides. As soon as you think you just need to see out the front, you will find out that over sized blind spots are a fool's errand.

If you have not invested in this season's car scraper, remember that a credit card works dandy. I like to use the credit card-style room key from a exotic beach resort as my winter scraper. It helps me to savor the diversity of temperatures that I get to experience.


  1. Is "scrap"ping the windows a Nebraska thing or a Creative Memories thing? hehehe

    - The English Teacher

  2. Is teh the same as the? Right back at ya.