Wednesday, December 15, 2010

enjoy fresh juice.

A great way to start every day is with a glass of fresh juice. Do you know how easy it is to give yourself this luxurious treat? Purchase a juicer and buy bags of citrus. It takes under a minute to produce the fabulous - and need I say - super healthy results.

Many of you might have a Kitchenaid Mixer as Consumer Reports has named it a "Best Buy" for performing well at a great price. I purchased the $29 attachment which makes this whole process even easier. Buy one for yourself next time you are at the department store.

I am going on two years now of having fresh juice every morning, sometimes grapefruit and sometimes orange. Violet, at our charming bed & breakfast in the Irish countryside, served a combination of both. Sometimes I do that and then close my eyes to see if I can transport myself back there on a memory...

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