Tuesday, April 2, 2013

reporting for duty.

On Easter night, Grandma Bunny got a real treat.  I got "cuddle and me-me" duty at the hospital...and I loved every minute of it.  Yes, I slept next to Charlotte in the baby crib bed.  My job was to put her me-me (pacifier) back in if it blooped out - and to provide a soft touch and soft voice when she got scared or fussy.  Then, when a real I-am-hungry-and-want-only-what-my-mom-can-give situation occurred, I woke Hannah and she nursed her.  I guess Hannah felt that Charlotte would be comfortable with me, which enabled her to REALLY SLEEP on the sofa in the room.  She didn't even hear any of the nurses or doctors come in throughout the night and early morning. The true blessing was that she got some really good sleep, since the night before she was awake most of the night.

HOW TO KNOW PRAYER IS REAL:  When a 50-something grandma actually wanted to sleep in a hospital bed (and a baby version at that) and that it actually felt comfortable and that there wasn't another place in the whole world that she wanted to be.  I even slept well.  It was surreal and amazing to me.  I thought to myself "this is what feeling the prayers of the saints is like"...

Hannah work up feeling refreshed and even said something like "I have never slept so hard in my life" and "I feel like I could run a marathon".  Grandma Bunny woke up refreshed and feeling like she just experienced something very, very special.  Baby Girl woke up feeling better and the swelling went down a little bit around her eyes.

When the girls were little, every night we prayed with them in bed and the prayer always included having "angels encamped around them while they slept".  That is what happened.

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