Thursday, April 4, 2013

bright eyes.

Guess who has her brights eyes back... and chatters up a storm? Answer: Little Bald Pookie AKA Charlotte
 Today Grandma Bunny went with Charlotte and Hannah to UNL for class.   I got to stay at Grandma Jane's house too, just like Charlotte does every Tuesday and Thursday while mommy goes to class.   (This close to her surgery, we thought Charlotte Girl would enjoy a backseat companion for the drive to and from Lincoln.)   Part of their routine includes "nap time on Grandma's lap".
It is hard to photograph Baby Girl's scar in a subtle way.   We thought you might want to see a tiny bit of it (and we tried to make the photo little to ease the hard-to-look-at-a-scar-on-a-baby-factor.)   From the front, it is easy to forget that 6 days ago Charlotte had a very serious Posterior Vault Reconstruction surgery.   One day soon it won't show at all,  but for now little Pookie needs to keep a hat on in public so people don't pass out.   A head shot from the top is pretty scary.  We have the pics tucked away for when we don't even remember what happened... as a reminder of God's faithfulness.

Her hair is already growing back.

Pray continue to pray for perfect healing.

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