Thursday, November 11, 2010

take a Sunday nap every week.

Sunday afternoon naps are a long running tradition in our family. It was started when my girls were very little and it continues even now that they are grown. The whole family is involved in this important ritual - mom and dad most importantly. The routine is church, lunch, then naps. No exceptions. Children will often say "I'm not tired." And you can say "That's fine. You are taking a nap anyway." Children are required to be in a horizontal position in their beds during nap time period i.e. until the parents wake up. Books are allowed, DVDs are not. It is humorous to watch how the children who "are not tired" are sound asleep before you know it.

Your week will go better if you have a nap on Sunday. When our Creator God made us, the owner's manual instructs us to rest one day in the seven. This simple mandate in scripture is not given the respect it deserves.

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