Thursday, November 11, 2010

pee is clean.

Mother Rabbit hates to get too gritty on her blog, but I was 50 years old before I knew this handy information. It was on one of my many hospital adventures with my sweet daddy that I learned that pee is actually sterile. My dad was a storehouse of many-things-important-and-wise. And I have had it confirmed by my medical expert friend. Yes, there is no bacteria in urine (unless of course you have an infection at the time.) This is important to know because pee happens, and if a baby pees on your lap you do not need to freak out.

By contrast, poo is laden with bacteria and should be treated and cleaned up with care. Speaking of, this would be a good time to recommend the book What's Your Poo Telling You by Anish Sheth & Josh Richman. If you have not already seen this clever little book, I recommend that you find it on your next trip into Barnes & Noble, and at least thumb through it. Be prepared to laugh. And at the same time, be prepared to learn something. It is all stuff you have thought about... but not out loud.

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