Wednesday, August 28, 2013

cleaning day.

Mother Rabbit believes you give yourself a gift when you set one day apart for cleaning.  Does that sound crazy?  Think about this...

The first stage of any decorating process is clearing the clutter.  Having a day earmarked for that sort of thing will make everyone happier.  Even your house.  Keeping your house (or car or clothes) clean is part of protecting your investment.  So now that we have established why cleaning your house is important, let's get back to discussing why it is genius to set one day a week to do it.

Having a day established as CLEANING DAY is helpful because you can plan for it.  You know to wear old clothes that can manage the sweat and Softscrub bleach.  You can mentally prepare to "workout" for about two hours... and you can mentally anticipate how good it will feel when you are done!  I recommend setting a timer so that 1.) you are not tempted to be distracted from the tasks and 2.) you know that it is not going to last all day.

The best part about having your own set Cleaning Day, is that the need to clean does not tempt you all week.  When you see the watermarks on the bathroom sink, you can say "I will take care of that on Monday during my designated cleaning hours".   It is truly freeing!  It frees you from thinking you should be hard-core cleaning every day.   Note: It is still necessary to do the dishes and laundry on a daily basis - and make your bed every morning.  What I am suggesting is having a couple hours set aside every week where you go deeper.

My cleaning day is MONDAY.  I like Monday because I can enjoy the clean for a whole week before a weekend happens again.  I learned long ago to 'clean for me' and not for company.  And every Monday, my goal is to clean all the floors in the house and clean all the bathrooms.  I will usually pick one other 'extra' to tackle.

We will talk about more
cleaning specifics later.  But for now, what is your day?

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