Wednesday, June 19, 2013

the classic black dress.

Every woman needs two black dresses in her closet.  We all know about the "the little black dress" with the cocktail dress subtitle.  It might have a scoop back or scoop front, and it might be a teensy-bit short. This is an important addition to every closet because it can see you through any formal occasion, wedding or party.  You can accessorize with jewels and heels and head to the city with confidence.

But don't forget about "the classic black dress".  This is a more serious dress that is not as fun to wear.  In fact, part of the importance of this classic sister to the party version is that you don't want to stand out at all when wearing it.  It is not fun to talk about, but every woman needs a classic black dress in her closet for funerals.  And believe me, when a need for one arises, the time & energy to purchase one will not be there.

Do yourself a favor and make sure that you have both versions ready and waiting to serve you. 

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