Wednesday, June 19, 2013

mother rabbit's summer sangria.

Mother Rabbit's Summer Sangria
Pink Moscato
Perrier Sparkling Water
Fresh Juice
(I used Raspberry Juice from Fontenelle Orchards)
Fresh Fruit of your Choice
I used:
Granny Smith Apples
Bing Cherries
Cut and distribute fruit into mason jars, wine glasses or fun glassware of your choice.  Cover with Pink Moscato and chill until the party starts. (The glass should be about half full at this point.)  Just before serving, add ice, a splash of fresh juice and a splash of sparkling water.  Add a festive straw for party points.  I had spoons and forks available so that the lucky guests could enjoy the wine-infused fruit after the sangria had disappeared.
This was a big hit and it will be my go-to drink this summer.  The alcohol content was mild, it was super refreshing, and it provided a healthy dose of the fruit section of the food triangle. 

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