Saturday, October 27, 2012

hair management.

Speaking of growing older, I am quite amazed by how much thought and energy it takes to keep hair in the right places.  We all know that a great haircut is a true treasure and worth traveling the world to find.  (I guess I should be embarrassed to mention that one of the reasons I love going to Dallas is to have Jean Philippe cut my hair as only he can.)

Girls, young & old alike, learn the benefits of lip and eyebrow waxing out of necessity.  And lucky girls of all ages know the wonders of a bikini wax.  I even had my underarms waxed once or twice which I considered a real luxury.  But did you know this? ---  You can have your nose hairs waxed.  Yes.  A couple weeks ago when I was getting my eyebrows waxed I mentioned to Angie my waxer that I would rush home and take care of the nose hairs that were certainly protruding. And then she said it --- "I can wax it for you." 

And may I say it is one of my new favorite things? It was quick and much less painful than the tweezers method.  And inexpensive.  She applies the warm wax just inside the nostril, one at a time. The result feels smooth and clean, and my nose seemed to even work better which might have been my imagination.  None the less, I will add this one to my waxing regimen.

And while you are grooming, don't forget to shave the hairs that show up on your toes. (Someone had to say it.)

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