Thursday, August 16, 2012

the little scraper.

One of the handiest items in any kitchen is the little scraper - and I hope you have one. It is a tiny piece of hard plastic that is your best defense against baked on food. How do you survive without one if people in your kitchen make scrambled eggs?

I got my first little scraper from an insurance agency as a handy give-away advertisement. I have since seen them for sale at specialty kitchen stores for about $1.99.

Whatever you are cooking, baking or frying I recommend putting the dish or pan in the sink to soak as soon as you are finished with it. Even then, some things still stick. That is when the little scraper comes to the rescue. There is nothing that the little scraper, followed by some Bonami powdered cleanser, cannot clean. Note: I like the little scraper better than a brillo-type pad because I get creeped out by the way the food sticks on and into the pad.

This is also a fun little "treat" to stick inside a birthday card.

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